About us

Groupe MM is a Quebec-owned enterprise created by Mario Morin in 1990. We offer experience and superior quality service for repairing and restoring car interiors, furniture and other types of equipment.

Mario Morin started his career in Montreal, working for a company specialising in plastic finishes …


Today, Groupe MM covers a very large part of the territory of the Province of Quebec while remaining very close to its customers, offering personalised and quick service. How is this possible? …

Our Services

The repair and restoration of your goods made of vinyl, leather, fabric, plastic, etc. is an expertise that all franchisees possess to ensure a top quality result. A guarantee on the work carried out (according to specific agreements) and a certification of the technique used confirms the professionalism of the Group MM. The products used in glues, dyes and others are biodegradable and the work is done with natural fibers. In addition, increasing the longevity of your assets allows you to generate significant savings. Think Group MM!


We offer mobile services to evaluate and onsite repair.

  • Couches, armchairs, chairs, ottomans, etc.
  • Re-dye leather where colours have faded
  • Repairing and dyeing leather and vinyl (tears, new patches, burns, wear and tear, etc.)
  • Dyeing and repairing leather couches

Samples of the type of repairs :

  • oil stains, leather dyes, wear and tear, etc.
  • Fading due to sun exposure
  • Complete restoration



We offer mobile services to evaluate and onsite repair.

  • Car seats, carpets, domes, consoles, etc.
  • Repairs to interior finishes – plastic, vinyl, fabrics,
  • Bumpers


Recreational vehicles

We offer mobile services to evaluate and onsite repair.

  • Boat, jet skis, water crafts, motor home, trailer, motorcycle, snowmobile, 4-wheeler, etc.
  • Repairing burns on all types of fabrics and velour
  • Repairing all types of finishes – plastic, vinyl, fabrics, etc.
  • Repairing vinyl, fabrics, cracked leather without changing the original part
  • Professional upholstery service available



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